What To Expect

Coaching is a partnership in which I, as your coach, help you become the best you can be. I’ll provide you with a nonjudgmental, confidential atmosphere to discuss your goals and dreams. We’ll start with an initial discovery session that lasts about 90 minutes. And I’ll support your desires with engaged curiosity, powerful questions, and sustained encouragement. Our relationship will be based on mutual appreciation and respect.            


In our coaching relationship, you can expect these benefits:       

  • To enter a safe haven where your dreams can be spoken, explored, honored, and realized
  • To be heard 100 percent on all levels – even the spaces between and beneath your words
  • To dive into your ultimate potential
  • To uncover your core values and live them more deeply
  • To explore your spiritual nature
  • To shed roles, facades, and masks that no longer serve you
  • To more fully express your authentic self
  • To sift through the infinite possibilities open to you and expand your belief about what’s possible in your life
  • To achieve focus
  • To experience the gift of yourself
  • To consciously connect to your passion and vitality


What are the differences between life coaching and therapy?    

Coaching is most effective if you’ve resolved significant past issues and are ready to experience your present and future life more powerfully. Therapy focuses on processing past events. In contrast, coaching invites you to live in the moment and realize your dreams, goals, and full potential.                  

While we may discuss past experiences when necessary, it’s only to assist you in clearing belief systems or habits that are hindering you from moving forward. As your coach, I’ll tap into my intuition when it will serve you. Therapists usually don’t do this. In short, coaching focuses on your whole person, but traditional therapy addresses specific symptoms.  


If you want to unlock your potential by working with a life coach, contact me.             



"I sought out The More Peace Retreat because I was exhausted. I needed to slow down and get quiet so that I could create life harmony. It felt good to be able to share at length, without worrying about the time.  It was like a spa day for my soul.  When I left, I knew how to integrate yoga, meditation and mindfulness into my daily life."

~ R.M.

"I've always wanted to learn how incorporate meditation into my life. Books, videos, guided meditations helped a little, but I was never able to find stillness all on my own, without an outside source to help. During The More Peace Retreat, Maripat patiently showed me how to develop my own meditation practice, and integrate it into my life. Meditating regularly in total silence keeps me calm in a very frenetic world."